Robert (Munro) Monarch

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Robert Monarch (formerly Robert Munro) is an expert in combining Human and Machine Intelligence. Robert works in Machine Learning at Apple.

Previously, he has worked in Sierra Leone, Haiti, the Amazon, London, and Sydney, in organizations ranging from startups to the United Nations. This includes work as the CEO and founder of Idibon, the CTO at Figure Eight, and leading AWS's first Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation services, Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Translate.

Robert is the author of Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning, covering practical methods for Active Learning, Transfer Learning, and Annotation.

Robert runs Bay Area NLP, the world's largest community of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech, and Information Retrieval professionals.

Before moving to Silicon Valley, Robert worked in post-conflict development in Sierra Leone and Liberia. He saw that while everyone in the refugee camps he was working in had access to a cellphone, the machine learning applications on those phones only worked in a handful of languages. The motivated Robert to complete a PhD at Stanford focused on adapting machine learning to low resource languages for healthcare and disaster response.

Robert introduced crowdsourced translation to the humanitarian world when found and managed 2,000 people from the Haitian diaspora to translate, categorize, and map emergency text messages sent in Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. He also worked at Global Viral Forecasting (now Metabiota) as the Chief Technology Officer for EpidemicIQ, a solution for tracking global disease outbreaks from billions of data-points daily from data in more than a dozen languages.

Robert has supported indigenous languages throughout his career, including work at the Endangered Languages Archive and documenting the Matses language in the Amazon.